8 Reasons You May Need Window Replacement

8 Reasons You May Need Window Replacement

Whether you are remodeling your home or have an older home, window replacement can help improve your home in many ways. You want your home to be comfortable and safe so replacing broken or faulty windows can add some more security to your home. Here is a list of reasons why replacing your windows could be the next home improvement projects for you.

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Rotting Window Frames

One of the biggest reasons you may need window replacement is rotting wood or frames. Rot is typically the result of water exposure or even windows with poor paint jobs can be prone to rotting. If the rot is caught early the repair can be made easily. Spots of rotting can be patched or repainted, but if the damage is more severe than you will need to replace most of the frame. 

Feeling A Draft

Drafty windows can be an annoyance and a cause for window replacement. Even if a window is closed, air can still slip through. Gaps in the frame, sashes and dividers could be the problem. Cracked caulk, old weather stripping and wood rot can also be a problem here. Replacing drafty windows helps to improve your life and the comfort of your home.

Broken Windows

If a window in your home has been broken or damaged it’s time to replace your window. Not only does broken glass cause a safety hazard but cracks in your pane can lead to a bigger problem. Replacing your broken or cracked panes is the most practical option and can prevent more damage.

Reducing Your Electric Bill

Broken and drafty windows can cause your electric bill to go up. Turning up the heat during the winter only raises your gas bill if air from the outside is seeping in through a drafty window. 

Over the years, window technology has improved anc can help to keep your home more energy efficient. You could save up to $500 a year in energy costs by replacing old windows. 

Keeping Out The Weather

In a place with lots of snow and rain, it is important to keep that moisture your home as much as possible. Replacing your windows can ensure that snow and water stay on the exterior of your home. Keeping the elements outside protects your flooring and furniture and also helps to keep your house warmer and not let heat escape. Windows do a lot of damage control when installed correctly and kept up to date.

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Interior Protection

Proper windows can protect your home from more than just water, it can protect things from sunlight damage. Direct sunlight exposure can cause furniture to lose its original color and can heat up your home. By having energy efficient windows, you will not only lower the temperature of your home but will also stay cooler. 

Reducing Noise

Keeping weather out of your home is not the only thing you will want to keep out of your home. Outside noise, passing traffic, animals and other noises can disrupt your home and having updated windows can keep your space private. Houses that are near the highway or in a busy neighborhood should consider window replacement for their home.

Stubborn Windows 

While windows can become loose and drafty, the opposite is also true. If windows have not been opened in a long time it can become stuck. Wood can expand and contract causing the window to no longer fit in the frame correctly. Professionals may be able to use tools to cut through paint layers that have bonded together, but sometimes the frame may become damaged if not done correctly, resulting in full window replacement.

Vue Window Cleaning And Window Replacement

Our services include a full range of window care. Vue provides window cleaning and window screen repair. There are many screen options available today and can provide the best suggestion for your home. Window screens are just as important as the window and frame themselves. We will replace broken or weakened frames as well, so that your windows and screens fit perfectly. 

To learn more about our services and hear from our satisfied customers, head to our website.

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