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5 Reasons To Consider Window Film Or Tint

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If you are building a home, adding tinted windows or window film can actually be a smart money move for your home. Tinted windows can be energy efficient and provide extra security to your home. Here is some more information about why you should consider putting window film or tint on your new windows. 

Windows Without Film Are Not Energy Efficient

Older windows don’t have low-emissivity coatings which protect your home from light. These types of windows will benefit the most from window film. Film or tint can help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which can limit the amount that you run the AC or heat. This can make your home more energy efficient.

There Are Renter Friendly Options

Window films and tints come in multiple different options. There are temporary varieties that can be repositioned and are easy to remove. There are semi-permanent varieties that are removable with some residue and permanent varieties that are not designed to be removed. 

Decorative films are more often sold to be temporary which makes them a good option for renters. Solar and security films tend to be semi-permanent or permanent. Keep this in mind if you are considering window tint as a renter. 

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You May Not Need To Install It On All Your Windows

Homeowners often only install tint on the East and West windows to protect from the harsh sunlight. This can save you money on films as well as installation, if you decide not to do it yourself. 

Solar window tint helps improve energy efficiency and absorbs or reflects sunlight that helps to regulate the indoor temperature. This helps to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Tint comes in neutral colors ranging from silver to copper.

Tint Or Film Doesn’t Affect Your View

Some tints may affect your view out of your window, but choosing a film option that doesn’t have a “glue” adhesive can help limit the distortion out of your window. 

It Improves Appearance And Protection

From window film you can get a uniform or contemporary look with a variety of film options. From virtually invisible films, to darker colors there are a range of shades to help give you what you want. 

For those who want more security a darker tint may be needed. Adding window tint to your home can also help prevent sun damage to your furniture and your skin. UV rays can cause cancer and eye damage, getting window tint can prevent that. 

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Having your windows regularly cleaned and maintained also can improve the appeal and energy efficiency of your home. Vue Window Cleaning offers more than just window cleaning though. Gutter cleaning, window screen repair and more. Contact us today to get a quote for your Colorado home.

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