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7 Top Summer Window Cleaning Tips

The sun glinting off of your sparkling clean windows seems like something you see in a movie. Proper window cleaning keeps your glass from looking dirty and keeps your home beautiful from the inside and the outside. Proper window cleaning may seem like an easy task but there are some window cleaning tips that can help improve your cleaning job.

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Summer is a busy time that often takes priority over cleaning jobs. If these tips don’t fit in your schedule, contacting Vue Window Cleaning can improve the appearance of your home without you having to lift a finger. 

If you choose to clean your windows by yourself, here are some tips that you can use to protect your windows, window frames and prevent streaking.

Avoid Wiping On Sunny Days

This is one of the most important window cleaning tips for summer. Cleaning your windows on a sunny day may seem like the perfect time, but direct sunlight can actually cause more streaking. The cleaner that you use will dry onto the hot windows leaving hard streaks on the glass.

A good day to clean outside is when the temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the surface of the glass feels hot, then postpone cleaning to a gloomier day, or start cleaning on a shaded part of your house. 

Never Use A Razor Blade

If you have stubborn sticky spots that just won’t budge, you may think that scraping with a razor blade will do the trick. But using a razor blade or other sharp object can damage your windows and leave permanent scratches in your windows. This can also remove the tint that is on the surface of your windows and damage safety glass. 

Be Careful With Cleansers And Solvents

When cleaning your window frames, be picky about what cleansers and solvents you use because certain cleaners can fade the color of your window frames or deteriorate the wood. This can cause problems with the window fit and letting air from the outside enter your home. Protecting your windows and their frames makes sure that your home stays cool in the summer. 

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Use Ammonia-Free Cleaner

Cleaners with ammonia often lead to streaking or leave a film on your windows that attracts dust and dirt to your windows. Using a cleaner that is alcohol and ammonia free is one of the top window cleaning tips for your home. You can also make your own vinegar based solution.

Making your own cleaner should be done with care and make sure to dilute the vinegar with water. Using a spray bottle for cleaner is also recommended. 

Try A Window Squeegee

If you have never tried using a window squeegee when cleaning before, it could help to keep your windows from looking streaky. If you have tall windows you may need a handle extender to reach those. Squeegee’s help to spread the solution around and reduce fibers from a cloth sticking to the windows. 

Squeegee is a great option for the indoor windows but can be a fast and effective tool for indoors and outdoors. They make it easier to reach high places, prevent streaks, and are less messy. 

Apply Cleaning Solution In Moderation

Other window cleaning tips used to avoid streaks is to use the right amount of cleaning solution. Using too much will require you to wipe more and let the solution drip or run. Using the right amount of solution will clean your windows thoroughly without creating a film of extra product. 

Hiring a professional will ensure that your windows get cleaned but not overly wet and sticky. Vue Window Cleaning works with many cities in Colorado and loves helping residents homes to look brand new. 

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Avoid Using Old Cotton Rags

Repurposing old t-shirts and rags to use for cleaning may seem like an environmentally sound idea, but using them for your windows can cause them to look streaky or have fibers that stick around. Rags can leave smudges and streaks as well as using newspapers. Some people think that newspaper is a great way to clean because it is thin, but it is really dense and just moves the solution around instead of soaking it up. 

Work With Vue Window Cleaning

Working with Vue Window Cleaning ensures that you get the proper clean without damage. Using window cleaning tips can improve the quality of your windows and more. We listen to our customers and work to implement their feedback. Your home is your pride and joy and it should give a great first impression. By focusing on meeting our customers expectations, we have a list of happy customers. Read our customer reviews and see exactly what all the fuss is about. Fill out this form to get a quote.

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