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7 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Dry In Bad Weather

During the spring, fall, and winter seasons, weather can be unpredictable, especially in a state like Colorado. If your home is located in a place that sees lots of moisture and ice during the colder months, the last thing you should be worried about is keeping your home clean and dry. Before the weather starts to shift, here are some ways to keep your windows and doors sealed, keep your home clean and dry, and keep the weather outside where it belongs. 

Keep your home clean and dry with Vue Window Cleaning

1- Check Existing Drainage

Drainage is important to protecting your home and foundation which help keep your home clean and dry all year round. When a home is built, proper drainage should also be installed and help lead moisture away from critical parts of the house. The first step in prepping for colder weather is to check all draining systems. Interior and exterior drain systems can help prevent flooding, rotting, and mold. 

2- Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are a draining system that keeps rainwater from damaging your roof, siding, and foundation. Many homeowners forget to clean gutters through the seasons which causes the gutters not to be able to drain properly. Cleaning out leaves, leftover dirt, bird nests, and other objects will help water to flow smoothly through your gutters.

Vue Window Cleaning offers gutter cleaning services so that you don’t have to clean them yourself. Prepping your home for fall and winter can come with many to-do’s, so leave at least one of them to the professionals. 

3- Deal With Cracks Or Gaps

Sealing windows and doors is a great way to keep moisture and cold air out and make your home clean and dry. But unfortunately, the culprit of these issues is often not in the seal, but in the plaster around the door and window. Putting off necessary repairs is not worth the risk, so taking the time to repair plaster and cracks can save you from cleaning up water in the future. 

Before the rainy season starts, you should have any windows that are older, replaced. If you have gaps in windows or screens that are not doing their job, our team can help repair them. Before moisture starts seeping into your home, make sure that windows are sealed and that they can lock if needed. 

7 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Dry In Bad Weather

4- Try Waterproof Sealants

For the exterior of your home, you can have the home coated with a waterproof sealant that builds a barrier. These walls are constantly exposed to rain, pests, snow, sun, and more. The effects of humidity can also cause moisture to seep into your home. When building a new home, a weatherproof seal can be applied during the building stage, but for homes that are already built, you can have a professional apply a coating. 

5- Use Indoor And Outdoor Mats

When the weather is bad outside, you and your family should not have to track it inside. Using mats at all entrances to your home will give you the opportunity and reminder to wipe your shoes or even just take them off. It is a good practice to place mats both outside the door and inside to ensure you keep your home clean and dry. This way, any dirt, mud, or moisture that didn’t get left outside, still has a chance to get left on the mat and not on your floors. 

While floor mats work well for most, having a space where all dirt and moisture can stay is another way to maintain the cleanliness of the rest of the home. A designated mudroom where residents and guests take off shoes and leave coats can keep that away from areas you use daily. 

6- Shed Wet Or Dirty Clothes

Similar to having a mud room, make your family or guest shed clothes that are dirty or extremely wet. You don’t have to have a mudroom to do this though, you can simply set shoes inside the door, or in your garage. A coat rack or hanging hooks for coats will allow them to dry and keep all of the bacteria off your floors. 

Some other options to help keep the space effective and dry are:

  • A rubber mat to hold wet shoes
  • Spare towels
  • A holder for umbrellas with a saucer so water can evaporate
  • Wicker hamper for wet clothes

7- Deep Clean More Often

When dirt, bugs, and bacteria seek a new home from the outside, it may be in your best interest to clean your home more thoroughly. Deep cleaning during the colder months of the year can mean less sickness and colds. So there are many benefits to keeping your home clean and dry. 

Deep cleaning doesn’t have to take you all day, but paying special attention to areas where moisture could be hiding, kids’ rooms, and washing clothes more often, can stop germs and make your home a sanctuary. Keeping your home dry is important when the bitter cold starts to kick in. Make sure that measures are taken to protect your home in case of an emergency as well. 

7 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Dry In Bad Weather

Vue Window Cleaning And Home Services

If you are looking to prep your home for fall and winter, Vue Window Cleaning offers a variety of home cleaning services that can set you up for success. We offer window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, window screen repair, and even install holiday lighting. Keeping your home clean and dry helps keep you safe and healthy as well.

With our experience and respect for your property, you can have peace of mind that your home will be protected from storms. Our goal is to make our customers happy. We want to show up on time and perform any job to your satisfaction. When it comes to home cleaning and prep, there is no room for error, so we aim to offer an experience unlike any other. Trust your home and winter prep with us. Contact Vue Window Cleaning or get a quote today!

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