Maintain Your Window Sills Parker, Colorado Homemade window cleaners

Homemade Window Cleaners: Household Items To Use And If They Work

Using household ingredients to make homemade window cleaners can yield similar or even better results than cleaners sold in local grocery stores. Homemade window cleaners can yield a less streaky finish and prevent unnecessary damage to your windows, but only certain ingredients are safe to use. 

Maintain Your Window Sills Parker, Colorado
Homemade window cleaners

While professional window cleaning is recommended for the best quality windows, some homemade window cleaners are a quick solution when your windows are looking dingy. Below are some ingredients to use in your homemade cleaners and what benefits they provide when cleaning your glass. 

Window Cleaner Made With Rubbing Alcohol

Most homeowners own rubbing alcohol and may even have multiple bottles around their homes. This household ingredient is great when mixed with warm water to wash windows. Rubbing alcohol doesn’t leave streaks and does a great job of removing fingerprints. 

Mixing rubbing alcohol with warm water in a spray bottle is the easiest way to get the solution into the glass. You can then go in with a microfiber cloth to wipe down the excess spray. 

Using Vinegar For Homemade Window Cleaner

White vinegar contains acetic acid that kills some types of bacteria and breaks down dirt. Vinegar can remove deposits and kill germs that can cause health issues for those in your home. Vinegar can not kill all bacteria though, so you may still need to use other sanitizers to fully remove all harmful substances. 

Dish Soap To Clean Your Windows

You use dish soap to clean your dishes, so why not use it to clean your windows? Dish soap includes ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate which lifts grease and dirt. This ingredient in most dish soaps sticks to dirt and oil and helps to lift them off of surfaces. When you wipe soap away with a damp cloth, the dirt, oil, or grease will come right with it. Easy removal and powerful cleaning power make dish soap an easy choice for homemade window cleaners. 

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Cleaning Grime And Other Tough Stains With Lemon Juice

Acidic liquids like lemon juice cut easily through grease and grime on many surfaces. Lemon juice is typically a little bit stronger than vinegar, so you can use it to remove particularly stubborn dirt, pollen, and stains on your windows. Whether you are working on the exterior or interior glass, lemon juice can make your windows shine again. 

Do Essential Oils Damage Glass Windows?

Adding essential oils to your homemade window cleaners can eliminate strong odors and help your home smell fresh. Using household cleaners with alcohol or vinegar can smell unpleasant, so essential oils can help mask these smells and give your home a more clean scent. Some essential oils also have bacteria-killing properties as well. 

Do essential oils cause streaks and more oil build-up on window glass though? Oils have antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties and are totally ok to use on your glass. Essential oils that are mixed in with other ingredients like vinegar and warm water will not cause streakiness. 

Using Homemade Window Cleaner Or Hire A Professional

Vue Window Cleaning offers comprehensive window cleaning for homes and businesses in Colorado. Homemade window cleaners are good to use when you are leaving out of town or are in a hurry because they get the job done quickly. But hiring a professional window cleaner at least once a year can extend the life of windows around your home. 

Homemade Window Cleaners: Household Items To Use And If They Work

Our team knows that window cleaning can be time-consuming and that homeowners are busy. Hiring our professionals takes this task off of your to-do list and gives you the freedom to focus on other summer activities. We won’t waste your time or your money when you hire us for home maintenance. Our company also offers power washing, gutter cleaning, and holiday lighting. Get an online quote or call us to schedule an appointment.