4 Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Window Screens

4 Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Window Screens

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Using window screens help to keep bugs out of your home, protect your windows, and regulate the temperature of your home. Window screens may initially not seem that important, but having quality window screens matter for the health of your home or business. There are signs to watch for when it may be time to repair or replace your window screens. Vue Window Cleaning can help repair your window screens and diagnose what may have caused your screens to become damaged in the first place. 

Causes Of Window Screen Damage

Harsh Weather

Hail, strong winds, or other bad storms can whip debris at your window screens and cause damage. It can weaken the mesh or cause holes that will require you to replace your window screens. Storm shutters can help protect your window screens if you live in a climate with frequent storms.

UV Rays

The sun’s rays can cause the deterioration of a lot of household materials. Window screens can start to rot or lose structural integrity when left in direct sunlight for too long. The high heat from the sun could also melt the mesh. 

Extreme Cold

Similar to high heat, extreme cold can also damage the mesh of a window screen. Freezing window screens can make them brittle and susceptible to breaking and tearing. 

Unnecessary Stretching

Homeowners may see a screen that doesn’t fit and try to stretch it back into the frame. This stretching can weaken the screen and lead to the need to replace your window screens altogether. Having window screens professionally installed and measured can help prevent this problem.

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1- Punctures Or Tears

Any size of tear or hole in your window screen is a major sign that you need new window screens. Tears and holes may lead to unwanted bugs in your home, unnecessary weather damage to your windows, and uncomfortable interior temperatures. In order for your windows to do their job properly, they need to fit into the frame with no large openings. 

2- Corroded Frames

Your frame helps to hold the screen in place and extend the life of your window screen. When the frame starts to corrode, it will lead to the window screen becoming stretched out, or the corrosion coils spread to the screen and weaken the mesh. Corrosion can be prevented by proper window cleaning and inspections, but if you experience any kind of corrosion, you need to replace your window screens. 

3- Shiny Screens

Window screens will not last forever and will eventually need to be replaced due to no fault of your own. Shiny screens are a key indicator to replace your window screens. Shiny screens mean that they have seen a lot of sun exposure, or have weakened fibers. Replace your window screens soon after you notice this to protect your windows.

4- Difficulty Opening And Closing Windows

If it is becoming more difficult to open or close your windows, it could be your screens causing the problem. While it is possible the window itself, there is a good chance that the screen is damaged or stretched out and is causing the mechanisms to become stuck. 

Window Screen Repair With Vue Window Cleaning

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Vue Window Cleaning offers multiple services that help your windows stay pristine for their entire lifespan. We can also help you replace your window screens. Window panes, window sills, window screens, and your gutters will all need professional maintenance to help ensure that natural light can enter your home. 

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