Holiday Lighting in Highlands Ranch, CO Vue Window Cleaning

7 Ways To Get Your Home Holiday Ready

Holiday Lighting in Highlands Ranch, CO Vue Window Cleaning

Bright lights, sparkling snow, pinecones, and holly berries, are all ready to shine brightly for the holidays. Putting these items or seeing them in your home may not be as enjoyable if you have neglected to get your home holiday ready with proper cleaning. The holiday season comes with many preparations and planning, but cleaning the outside of your home should not be put at the end of your to-do list. Get your home holiday ready with all of our services here at Vue Window Cleaning to improve the appearance of your entire home. 

1- Window Cleaning

Professional interior and exterior window cleaning will help remove streaks, and dust build-up and help you see clearly through them. Your windows help to let in natural light, which is important for your health during the winter months. Having dirty windows will stop sunlight from entering your home and give you the warmth and vitamin D you need.

Clear windows will also help onlookers be able to see your Christmas tree or other decorations you want to highlight. Even if no one is looking into your home, having dirty windows on the outside gives the wrong first impression to visitors. 

Full window cleaning, which means panes, window wells, and seals, will help to stop mold growth and get your home holiday ready. Mold can make those who live in your home sick and is hard to remove, so consistent cleaning will remove any bacteria that may build up. 

2- Prep Your Gutters

The biggest area of importance to get your home holiday-ready is your gutters. The gutters help to keep snow and rain away from your home and from ruining your foundation. Clogged gutters will cause them to overflow with water and drip onto your porch and those who live in your household. These drips can lead to ice on your porch and be a major annoyance.

Cleaning gutters can also give a prepped service for Christmas lights. Removing old plastic clips, sticks, and mold will help your lights look better when attached to your home. Vue Window Cleaning offers high-quality gutter cleaning that can identify potential problems and help you have a dry and safe holiday season. 

3- Deep Clean High Traffic Areas

Hosting people for the holidays comes with more feet moving through your home, so protecting your high-traffic areas will keep your home clean and safe. High-traffic areas can be your entryway, hallways, kitchen, backdoors, and garage. Cleaning these high-traffic areas is a great way to get your home holiday ready because it will save guests from injury and protect your flooring. If you are worried about ruining your carpet, tile, or hardwood flooring, lay down plastic mats to stop deterioration and excessive moisture. Cheap rugs can also be used while people are in your home and removed when the celebrations are over. 

4- Driveway Washing

7 Ways To Get Your Home Holiday Ready

Driveway cleaning may seem like overkill, but removing dirt, mold, and mildew from your driveway can stop black ice and excess snow from sticking to these surfaces. Black ice can cause slips and falls that can cause major injury. Dealing with an injury during the holiday season is not something anyone looks forward to, so driveway cleaning with Vue Window Cleaning will approve your home’s appearance and functionality. 

5- Stress Free Holiday Lighting

Decorating your home with lights and other holiday decor brings joy to many, but it can also come with frustration when trying to decorate in the cold. When you work with Vue Window Cleaners, we take the frustration out of decorating and offer custom-designed lights for your home. We take an initial consult and measurements to make sure our lights will fit your specifications. 

Leaving light hanging to the professionals will save you time during a busy season, and will protect you from harm. Climbing on ladders and accessing your roof can be safer when done with professional equipment. Vue Window Cleaning can help keep residents safe with our fast installation and professional equipment. Our lights are environmentally friendly and we offer maintenance on your lights all season. Plus we will come to take them down when you are finished with them! 

6- Emergency Preparedness

Winter can bring intense winter storms, which could cause you to lose power or become stuck in your home without resources. Among the other preparations for the holidays, make sure you have emergency kits, lamps, food storage, blankets, flashlights, etc. in case of an emergency. Protecting your family is important when there are freezing temperatures outside and when you may not be able to drive to another location. Building a 72-hour kit can give you peace of mind. 

Cooking emergencies can also take place when you are stressed or overwhelmed. Have smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire plans ready for the season. Keep kids away from open flames or ovens when they are lit. 

7- Stock Your Pantry Early

Cooking food and hosting family parties will require to get your home holiday ready with food and ingredients. Going to the store close to Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays may cause stress and limited supplies. Your best bet to getting everything you need is to shop early and stock your pantry as much as possible before the day of. Stocking your pantry gives you easy access to any spice, ingredient, or base you may need while preparing a holiday meal. 

7 Ways To Get Your Home Holiday Ready

Work With Vue Window Cleaning

From window cleaning to power washing, Vue Window Cleaning can help make your home the best on the block. With our holiday lighting services and expert cleaners, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe for the holidays. Give yourself some extra time to spend with your family by leaving the dirty work to us. Call us to set up your appointment or consultation today!

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