The History Of Rain Gutters Parker, Colorado

The Dynamic History Of Rain Gutters

The History Of Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are important components of our homes today, but many homeowners may not know about the history of how rain gutters came to be. Knowing the history of rain gutters can help us see just how important their usage is and how they have improved over the years. Vue Window Cleaning wants to help you understand why your home needs clean rain gutters while showing you the benefits that rain gutters can make in your home or business. 

The Beginning Of Gutters In South Asia

During the Bronze Age in South Asia, civilizations were along the Indus River and have been reported as notably sophisticated. This group, known as the Indus Valley Civilization or Harappan Civilization, created an urban layout of impressive homes and buildings. Their cities included metallurgy and water management, such as wells, directed wastewater, and ancient designs of gutters

Gutters designed by the Harappan people were drastically different than the ones that are installed in homes today. These gutters in South Asia directed water away from the streets and away from residential dwellings. Even though our gutters are different today, we based the design largely on the design developed by this ancient civilization. 

Infancy Of Rain Gutters In Ancient Rome

Today’s inventions gained a lot of ideas and aspects from the designs of Ancient Rome. Gutters are no exception when it comes to the influence of Ancient Rome and their influence on the history of rain gutters. Roman roads peaked in the center to help water runoff and head away from homes and businesses. The Romans created aqueducts to help with farming and keeping water accessible for homes that needed it. 

Romans also made gutters popular in Britain, but when they withdrew from British shores the technology was forgotten. 

Becoming Popular In American Colonies

In 1710-1750 the use of gutters became much more commonplace in the American colonies. The most common material for gutters during this time in Europe was cast iron as it was more affordable than previous materials. At this same time, the American colonies were using wood for gutters. 

Gutter Cleaning In Parker, Colorado

During the industrial revolution, the history of rain gutters was altered again when gutters were then mass-produced. People then learned that they were helping keep more diseases at bay. Homes and walls were staying dryer which was limiting bacteria growth and diseases like pneumonia. 

In the mid-1700s and early 1800s, gutters begin appearing on new buildings in the United States. The early designs were V-shaped and lined with metal. 

How Rain Gutters Are Different Today

Gutters are now made from plastic, metal, galvanized steel, and aluminum after lead was needed during World War II for ammunition. Today these are popular materials for gutters that are attached to homes during construction. Over 70% of gutters are made with aluminum today.

Advancements have made gutters more effective in keeping water away from the foundation and interior of homes. Downspouts and drainage systems around commercial buildings have also become more common and needed to protect our urban areas. 

Today there are also a variety of gutter guards and products to help keep gutters clean and free of clogs. Throughout the history of rain gutters, they have needed to be maintained and cleaned in order to work properly. Vue Window Cleaning takes the importance of gutters seriously and wants them to be clear in order to protect your home. Gutters are constantly exposed to different types of weather, so working to keep them clean will protect your home or business. 

Benefits Of Quality Rain Gutters

Why was it so important that ancient civilizations developed the framework for rain gutters? The history of rain gutters shows us some of the benefits that can come from proper rain gutter systems.

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Other benefits include:

  • Protect the foundation
  • Prevent basement flooding
  • Stop mold growth
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Limited erosion of your landscape
  • Avoid settling or cracking on sidewalks
  • Avoid roof damage
  • Stop early deterioration of your gutters

Vue Window Cleaning

Our Colorado cleaning company is dedicated to improving homes across the state. We work hard to make your home look pristine with window cleaning, gutter cleaning, holiday light installation, and more. We continue to learn and change our techniques as the history of rain gutters continues to evolve. Our team is passionate about making your home work for you and bringing back comfort to your home. You spend a lot of time in your home, so take the extra steps to make sure it is healthy and happy. Contact our team in Colorado today!

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