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Holiday Lighting

We specialize in custom building lights that fit your home and roofline perfectly. We purchase 1000 ft spools of wire and cut it to your houses specifications. This leaves you with a clean, symmetrical look and feel. We screw in every single light bulb which allows us to offer you any color or color combination you would like. We offer both incandescent and LED light options to suite your preferences. If you prefer a specific style of lights such as icicles, we can provide those. We offer different styles and looks for your trees as well.

Lighting Services


  • House roofline
  • Roof outline
  • Window outline
  • Garage door outline
  • Wrap pillars
  • Garland or Large Wreaths
  • Driveway or Sidewalk outline
  • And more


  • Canopy Wrap (large bulbs sporadically spaced throughout the tree)
  • Mini lights (circular patterns around the tree)
  • Trunk wrap (tightly wrap the trunk)
  • Candy Cane wrap (every other wrap a different color)