Mon-Sat 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Window Cleaning
What to expect?

Our first and foremost priority is to respect your home and property, and when we come in your home, we take every precaution to do just that. Before we come into your home we will either use shoe covers or slip on shoes that we only wear inside, then we lay large towels down in front of the windows we clean to protect your carpet and wood floors from any dripping. Also, our ladders are equipped with rubber feet and wall stand ends to prevent any scratches or nicks from occurring.
We use safe practices and the latest window cleaning technologies to give you a pristine look. As we clean interior windows with scrubbers and squeegees we will wipe down all of the window seals as we go to give your entire window space a pristine look. On the exterior of the home we will use either water-fed technology or scrubbers and squeegees. Water-fed technology consists of a filtration system that purifies the water we use. Once the water is purified we use specialized bushes with large carbon fiber poles to clean, then rinse the windows with the purified water. This allows the windows to dry streak and spot free.

What do you need to do?

Before we come out to your property we ask that you remove items from the window and window seals. If you have furniture, night stands, or other large objects in front of the windows we prefer you move them away from the windows. If you have floors that are sensitive and scratch easily, please let us know so we are aware of their sensitivity and work accordingly. We do this to prevent any liability. We are happy to help you move any large objects that you need assistance with, or are unable to move.